Max Shruthi-1 editor for mac


I worked on a Shruthi-1 editor (one more) as my first Max project, I believe it now supports all the synth parameters as NRPN, including the various filter boards settings in firmware 0.97.
I have tested it with my own filters, 4PM, SSM and SVF and so far it seems to be working well.

Thanks to dnigrin’s paper I made it a standalone macosx app, you can download the .app from this link:
Just unzip and drop on the applications folder.

And the Max 6 project is open source and available on my GitHub:

I hope to make it a standalone for Windows too if I manage to get another power supply for my laptop…

In the future I might add more parameters for the arp section, and support SYSEX for patch transfer…

Your feedback is welcome, hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Wow very excited about this!

@Smugrik Looks impressive. I think the key will be to implement sysex transfer and some kind of patch library function. That would take it to a whole extra level of usefulness.


Not trying to discourage anyone here, but this is exactly what I’ve been working on over the past weeks. An editor with a custom external for Max to allow full editing of every parameter in a bidirectional way, supporting all sysex and extending the firmware to improve integration and allow things like sequence editing.

I plan to release it somewhere end of november… so you know it’s coming :slight_smile:

@Smugrik, works great. I like it. Two things i stumbled upon. I miss something like a “click on a value filed of a parameter” to reset this parameter to its off / zero value. Also a “read current settings from Shruthi” button would be great. Is this at all possible?

@0x80 that sounds very useful!


@0x80 yes, I read your posts about Firmware mod, very interesting things there, didn’t knew you were targeting Max, does a Max External means there will be a “shruthi” object available in Max to which one could send messages like “set SSMHPF cutoff 53”?

I haven’t decided yet how or when I will release the object separately but yes, it’ll be something like that. All parameters are either addressed by nrpn index (if available) or some message. What is also quite nice now is that it has build-in midi in and out ports so none of the sysex and midi have to pass any max objects.

@stiwi Just committed a new version of the max patch with a new button on the UI, when pressed, a patch-request SYSEX is sent to the Shruthi, and the patch from Shruthi-1 is loaded into the Editor.
This is still work in progress though, I’ll upload a new standalone when mod matrix and operators are done.

@0x80 not sure how to parse SYSEX in Max, I did this straightforwardly with loads of [zl] list processing, converting it to NRPN indexes and sending back to UI :slight_smile:

@Smugrik, sweet. do i need Max6 to run the max patch or can i use my max5 runtime?

This was done in Max6, I’m not sure about backwards compatibility… I plan to update the standalone tonight.

@Smugrik nice work! And thanks for the nice shout out re: my Max standalone tutorial thing…

@Smugrik Really liking the patch so far as it gets around Ableton Lives lack of support for NRPN data. Do you have an ETA for the latest version of the standalone with bi-directional capabilities? Thanks in advance.

@Smugrik Just downloaded the Max 6 project and the new ‘Patch Request’ feature is fantastic. It appears that the version I’ve downloaded has the the mod matrix stuff working too. Can’t wait for the final tweaks that will include operators too. I assume the next thing you plan to do is some form of patch librarian feature too.

Sterling work fella. Definitely the best Shruthi-1 editor application I’ve come across so far for the Mac.

One small request - on my 11" Macbook Air, the size of the app is slightly too large in the vertical dimension as it stands now to fit on screen. The Air’s resolution is 1366 x 768. Any way you could squash stuff down to take up less vertical space? Thanks…

Going to have to look at making a pc standalone for this. Haven’t used my max 6 nearly enough since finishing a joystick effects controller patch. Thanks for sharing.

@Smugrik I have LP2+Delay but the editor does not change the values for Feedback and Feedback EQ.

Can you fix this ?

@cereyanlimusiki Thanks for reporting, I will try to find some time soon to update the editor, I hope over the weekend.
Also makes me think I need to repackage it, and I just noticed the GitHub download link for the packaged .app is dead :frowning:

EDIT: if you pickup the latest max patch from github, the issue with LP2+Delay parameters is fixed

@Smugrik Thanks for fixing the issue such a short time. I downloaded Shruthi.maxproj but when I run Max Runtime ( 6.0 ) icon comes up but nothing else.

Will you be repacking the patch as .app for mac an host again ?

@cereyanlimusiki, did you download all the files, or just the Shruthi.maxproj?
You need all of them, including subfolders etc, in github on the project page there is a link to download as a zip

Yes, I will be repackaging the patch as standalone, but before to do so, I hope to fix the layout for smaller resolutions as was requested long ago by Dnigrin…
I also still hope to make a package for Windows, will try to do that over the weekend