Max for live patches?

I have seen previous threads regarding max for live patches developed for Ableton. I have tried these and was wondering if any have been updated or have any new ones been developed.
thanks in advance

I was working on a full blown editor and accompanying M4L performance device. I planned to release end of December, but I then got tangled up in a different project that can’t wait. 95% of the features are implemented I mainly just need to clean and wrap up the interface but I won’t have time now until February :frowning:

So yeah not of much use right now but it’s coming…

Any news yet 0x080 on your device?

Sorry for the long silence. I have a hard time finishing things that turn out to be way more work than I initially realized. The editor almost there. I need to do a little more testing and make the data management a little more secure. The only thing left to figure out is how to compile the Max external for windows. I tried for half a day but didn’t make it there yet. Some clash between vs2012 and my Max cpp templates.

The M4L patch will probably come at a later stage. Give me a few more weeks to write documentation and update my website and make a little introduction movie maybe…

@0x80 Cool, keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing this.


sounds like a head ache but keep up the hard work…look forward to any progress.