Max 4 Live patch for the Shruthi-1

Hi, I made a M4L patch to control my Shruthi-1 as a VST in Ableton Live.

great! Hadn’t somebody already made one?

Yes, me, and a standalone MAX One for those who haven’t got M4L.

Excellent- you beat me to it :wink:


But mine haven’t got all parameters…


Where is your M4L patch located, I’d like to try both.

don’t find the M4L one, have to search for it sorry.


Tested with the free Max Runtime in Live.

Hmm… it’s a while since I’ve used Max4Live, so I may be doing something completely wrong, but I can’t seem to get this to work, EATYone. I’ve managed to paste the code, and saved the .amxd file, and the panel looks OK in Max, but it’s screwed up Live. Should it look OK here?
This is Live v8.2.2 on MacOS X, with Max v5.1.8


If u CAN wait toonight(Paris hour) i will find m’y amxd file, cause the gui isn’t Like tour image, m’y gui work Like a Au/VST plug and got its own window :wink:

Thanks for the quick response EATYone. That’s fine, no hurry. Would it be worth trying to make a version that worked in this view in Live, too? I started to do something like that for an editor for my Korg EX-8000.


@toneburst - Looks like it’s set up to be viewed in Presentation Mode but the patch is not set to open that way by default. Open the patch for editing in Max - get info on the patch (command-shift-i) - check the box “Open in Presentation.”

Ah, thanks, I’ll try that cnco. I had a brief spell of working in M4L (doing this EX8000 editor), the forgot about it for a year (and of course forgot everything I’d learnt). I was considering taking it up again for exactly this purpose, though, but EATYone beat me to it!


Ah, now it works. I don’t have a Shruthi-1 here at work, so I can’t test the functionality, but my initial thought is that it seems a shame to have to open the interface in Max to be able to get at the controls. Maybe there’s a way of opening the edit window within Live itself. Also, I may be missing something, but I can’t see an option in Max for making the editor interface open in Max with the panel locked. This means if you forget to click the little lock icon, you end up messing up the interface when you try and edit anything. As I said, I’m probably missing something obvious.

I’m sure all the controls could all be fitted into the available space in Live’s own UI, either by making them smaller, or making a tabbed interface, with a tab for each section (Osc.1/Osc.2/Filter etc.). This was my plan for the EX8000 editor.

Don’t take this the wrong way though, EATYone- having tinkered with M4L myself, I know how much work must have gone into this editor, and it’s a great project. It’s really cool to be able to automate parameters from MIDI clips in Live, and have all the automation correctly labelled, etc.

Looking forward to testing this out! Got some soldering to do first though :wink:

Suggestions for future additions:
Some kind of really basic librarian, so you can store several patches with you Live set, and change from one patch to another within an arrangement. That way, you’d get 100% parameter recall when you reopened your Live set, and you could build up a library of patches for a particular track, and you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally overwriting patches in the Shruthi-1’s internal memory. I don’t know exactly how you’d do that though. I think the Shruthi-1 sysex file format is documented somewhere, so maybe you could have the editor save data internally using this spec. That way, you could potentially save-out patches as standalone sysex files for later recall. Maybe that’s taking the editor in a completely different direction though…


Sorry but no time to invest in, too much project and too much work…But i will search now the right M4L file, you don’t have to open max or anything else… I’ll be back in 30 minutes. :))))

File here: Shruthi1EditorAlpha

Feel free to use it as a start point for building ur own, as i said, i think i will never upgrade it…

Load it, click on the Shruthi1 Editor button, and u have a vst like directly in live, i do pop up panel cause i found to let M4L plug in little aera of live plugin is not really usable for playing in real time…

But for me i think that there is no more need of this stuff since the programmer is born :wink:

@toneburst I’m working on my own M4L Shruthi-1 editor that may address some of your hopes. Making a nice presetting system in M4L (rather that using Live’s rather clunky method) is not as easy as one would hope. Adding to the complication, some Shruthi parameters are not exposed to CC/NRPN control. Making a graceful preset system is a bit of a challenge.

I should have something to share in a week or two.

looking forward to that cnco. If you do get the preset system working, I might steal it for my EX8000 editor, if you’re OK with that :slight_smile:


Gregory Taylor posted an excellent tutorial on using the pattr system with Max for Live up at Cycling’s site:

For my needs there’s a missing feature or two, but at any rate what he talks about would most likely be the foundation of any system of presetting in M4L so you’ll need to understand what’s going on there as a starting point.