Matthias Puech - Threshold

Hi friends,
A quick message to announce the release of Threshold, my new EP on Hisolat.

“…a cybernetic meadow where mammals and computers live together in mutually programming harmony […] a cybernetic forest filled with pines and electronics where deer stroll peacefully past computers as if they were flowers with spinning blossoms…” [R. Brautigan, cited by Stray Landings ]

It was composed entirely from modular synth sounds and field recording, and contains (of course) a lot of MI modules sounds. Actually some of the tracks/sounds date back from shortly after I got Clouds, while I was coding on it. I can still hear some of the bugs I had at the time :slight_smile: Good ol’ times!

Order from Ready Made | Listen to a preview

What can I say? My bugs don’t sound as good :slight_smile:

Congrats on this release!

Haha, congratulations. The previews sound promising.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

I tried really hard not to order this one… but in the end I had to surrender! :smiley: Congrats Matthias!