Matthew Dear London 5th Dec

Any UK-based Forum members fancy coming to see Matthew Dear at Fabric (London) on Dec. 5th? It’s a longshot, I know, especially as it’s a Wednesday night…

Can put someone up for the night, if need be.


Thought it was a longshot…
Got my ticket now, anyway.


have fun! my fav MD track to get you ready:

@oootini thanks, I will. I’m a big fan of Gem but also really like a couple of the tracks from the latest album, especially Her Fantasy . Not sure if he’s going to be playing old stuff this time. I know he’s touring with a full band, so I suspect they won’t be doing some of the more techno-orientated stuff.

Looking forward to it, anyway!



Damn , thats a trot from Yorkshire…I thought about it but it will be the price of a module …

Was really good!
Thought I’d spotted a DSI Tempest in his setup, too, which got me geekily excited. Turned out to be a Mopho x4 though, which is much less interesting, in my book.

The full band was impressive. I was a bit disappointed he’d stripped out most of the rhythmic vocal textures from the arrangements. I guess he didn’t want to use any pre-recorded clips of his own voice, but he could have done more with a looper pedal or Live’s Looper to build up vocal textures in realtime. There were some parts where I thought keyboard parts could have been played live, but were pre-recorded instead, but I guess as the keyboard player in the band, he didn’t want to be stuck behind a synth all the way through any of the tracks. It did seem a bit odd that he didn’t have a dedicated keys player in the band, in retrospect, though I didn’t think of it at the time.

They played a good selection of tracks, not just stuff from the latest album, which was cool. They did a version of Slowdance , one of my personal favourites (minus that nagging processed vocal hook that does all the way through the studio version), and a couple of others from Black City. They even did a version of Don and Cherry , and an encore of Her Fantasy

Good stuff, overall.


sounds good