Maths goes Cuckoo

I’ve created a patch that uses Maths as a (sort of) sequencer and couple this with the harmonic oscillator from Plaits. There’s some chat about my modular journey this week and the actual patch starts at 4:22 if you’d rather not listen to me babble on :slight_smile:

A minor technical note: Maths is much closer (in spirit and circuitry) to the Serge DUSG.

The difference is that the Buchla 281’s circuitry is not designed to handle anything other than a trigger/gate on its input. A comparator decides whether the core ramps towards a positive or negative voltage, and a pair of switches decides on which CV (attack or decay) is applied to the expo converter controlling the rate of charge. It’s pretty much a triangle-core oscillator, with some extra logic to allow it to stop after a cycle, and if necessary to pause at the end of the attack.

The DUSG circuit does more with less - it is a slew limiter with a separate control circuit for a positive or negative delta between the output and input. This is what allows it to process external CVs. The use as an AD / AR / looping generator is only a special case of this: in these cases, the signal being slew-limited is a well crafted logic signal (trigger OR attack for AD, gate OR attack for AR, with the end of fall pulse being fed-back to the trigger input for looping operation). The Maths and Function, but also the Rampage, all use this circuit.


Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to clarify the background to the Maths module. It’s clear to me that I have so much to learn. On the surface they seemed to me to have a fair bit in common, at least in terms of what I would try to do with them. But that only goes to show that I probably haven’t picked up a tenth (or even a hundredth) of what the Maths module can do. Serge is a new name to me - I daresay I’ll be down a Serge rabbit hole this time next week… :slight_smile:

That’s a cool patch! Thanks for showing it off!

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