Materials [album release] [a study of Rings]

I’m pleased to announce the release of Materials, a dark “uneasy listening” study of our good friend Rings.

I felt motivated by online discussions where people dismiss the module as “always sounding the same.” So in each song, I’ve patched something interesting into Rings’ input – with the sole exception of one that uses FM mode instead. Some songs use two Rings working together.

Patch notes and a bonus track are here.

As I point out in the notes, it’s not an exhaustive study by any means; there were lots of ideas I just wasn’t going to fit onto a single album.


Only half-way through this but yeah, it’s good. Very good. Favorite so far: Active sensing.

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This is really nice! Really great Friday morning staring out at the grayness.
The panning ind sandfall, that’s from the phase-shift between the two rings? So nice.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

No, I just have the two Rings Even outputs hard-panned left and right. The shifting that’s going on is Position being modulated on both of them with different LFOs. There’s some subtle effect on the opposite Rings because of the cross-feedback (each Odd output is patched into the opposite Rings’ input).

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good stuff! this makes me want to get a second rings even harder.

who would say such a silly thing?
it’s a resonator! what it sounds like depends on what you feed into it.


“skeleton flower” reminds me a little bit of some tracks on my favorite fred frith album, “clearing”.

Purchased! Excited to check it out!

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It makes my mind boggle every time I see it, but there are at least a few vocal people who’ve said that on other forums who don’t otherwise seem like completely insane people :laughing:

I’ll have to check that out!

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Purchased - thank you! I’m finishing up my final project for a programming class and this is great listening. Also, the patch notes are a great motivator to finish the project, so I can explore my own Rings further. :slight_smile: Thanks!

(( Aside - I checked out your bio and see you’re a software engineer, no surprise it’s good programming music lol!! I’m working my way through a software development & security degree at the moment. ))


You’ve inspired me to have a go at using external input into Rings. Edges works well, I’ve found.

The patch notes are great. Will buy the album and give it a proper listen on phones walking to and from work tomorrow.

Keep up the great work!

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I finally had the chance to listen to Clearing this morning. My reaction the album overall is mixed, but I really liked “Gaifu Kaisei.” It makes me want to use ring modulation with Rings – something else I haven’t tried yet.

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it’s a solo guitar album - so it’s probably not for everyone in the synth world. :slight_smile:

Purchased too.Its really interesting,thats the kind of work i like to do with my systems too.Your notes(at least to me) are very helpful:a big thanks for this Material!

i add that your notes are a big plus!! (oh,i think you will like Lyonel Bauchet: on Bandcamp and videos on youtube)

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