Master volume

Ref: other thread about midi controller,…
Curious, could firmware be modded to hold a button, and dial volume on encoder?

Yes, though I think the firmware already has more than its share of inconsistent hacks like this.

Reduce volume of the oscillators? doing that digitally isn’t always the best way.

The master volume CC is digitally scaling the VCA CV.

Not so bad then. I thought the original idea was to scale the waveform digitally, which if you don’t have a lot of resolution can be bad I guess?

Thanks…in the long run a readily available volume control is prob best anyway.

It’ll be bad ; but scaling the VCA CV will be bad too, since there will be relatively more “stepping” in the envelope. The low-pass filter on the VCA CV signal happening on the filter board mitigates this.

but why not just add a volume pot to the output? do you need to remotely control the volume?

No, not really…just exploring options. Call it thorough research before I drill holes!