Master midi clock? Expert sleepers, Innerclock LE, ect

As my synth and external collection has grown so has the deficiency in the DAW I primarily use (ableton) in sequencing multiple external gear and any loops or VST’s playing at the same time. Now Ableton is pretty well known for this and as its still not fixed in v9 Im now looking for an external solution such as expert sleepers and Innerlock. First hurdle is price - innerlock systems are over $500. Im going modular with pittsburgh modular cell 48 (1) and going with a larger case to fit extra modules. Now the expert Sleepers is a definite as apart from sample accurate timing, there are many creative plugins in the suite. So I guess will the expert sleepers give me sample accurate midi as innerlock system claims - I really really dont want to but both systems. I naively thought the Midipal would do this but itll be ace regardless for all the things it does do. So 2 questions - will ES do sample accurate midi and CV or is there another, cheaper alternative to the midi timing issue?

As long as you insist on using Ableton: none known.

Really? With so many electronic artists using Live there is not a single known fix for this? Im waiting on Bitwig which I hope as hell has had this issue resolved. So whats the best compromise?

Ive just bought Reason 7 as I got a Livid Base and Reason for $500 - I havent used it enough to know if the issue is much better or even exists in R7. So without going to HW sequencers whats the best way here?

Use Logic with an AMT-8/Unitor Combo :wink: Still not sample accurate but damn tight.
If your main objective is timing my best tip would be getting rid of Software and buy Cirklon with CV Option. Even on full load (32 Tracks, 32 Ch of Note + 3 CCs, distributed among 12 CV/Gate Channels, 5 MIDI Ports and 1 USB MIDI) its absolutely accurate.

I use Logic for final mixing but never during production phase so not an option but thank you for the suggestion. I was just playing a shruthi via midi external instrument effect and had geist playing a simple beat and they just drifted further and further. Its a joke. Regarding external HW sequencer - I really dont want to go down that route for a number of reasons so again not an option

Then face the normative force of the factual: Ableton sucks with timing, go spend some 100bucks to correct this.

Silent way only does CV so it won’t solve your midi problems… But you can get all equipment running on CV or analog sync signals running tight. If you own a Motu you’ll only need the plug-ins.

Yes, I’ve been doing battle with Ableton and syncing to hardware for a while. The verdict:

There is no solution except spending $4-500 on an Innerclock module or dumping Ableton for a DAW that costs about the same or more. REALLY wish I knew about this issue before I decided to spend so much money and time on Ableton, and that new Bitwig Studio DAW is looking more and more attractive to me as time goes on (if it is ever released).

But the idea of doing midi over audio signal does sound interesting…

Hello, I am going to suggest the overlooked FL Studio. It just works for me. Free updates, and the sequencer is great. It even has support for SYSEX messages in the latest version. I have no issues sending 16 channels of Midi information and modulation via a USB to Midi interface. This will cost you 200 or so, and has free updated for life. It can also sequence Ableton and Reason.

FL Studio really does everything quite nicely, and unlike ableton, the midi works… It’s not always transparent as to what it doesn’t like, but that’s a whole different issue (Tweakin asio4all is a good idea).

i thought silent way did do midi over audio

since you’re looking for an external solution, have you checked the rh-301 rhythm workstation ?

Silent way most certainly does midi sync - and sample accurate above 48k but people have reported it working on 44.1.
From their site : this related to ESX-8GT, which is the expander for the es-4: allows the Gate Expander outputs to be used for DIN sync or MIDI output* (note - not just MIDI clock output, but as an actual MIDI port, capable of sending any MIDI messages). Since these outputs are driven from an audio connection (the S/PDIF port), they have sample-accurate timing, which no USB MIDI interface can claim.
So the silent way suite looks to be the only real way forward if I want timing to be tolerable. Extra plus with Silent way are the incredibly creative plugins which are well worth a look if you at if you want to see even a little of what this bad boy can do.
So Im like Ryan - Ive invested quite a bit in Ableton and know it well but without them lookig like they are going to fix or even CAN fix it. Im really hoping Bitwig is going to be the DAW I think it will and it is coming and I dare say will be here by years end - the 9.1 Live update addresses some of the longest wanted user features like dual monitor support - I find it difficult to believe the 2 arent a coincidence.
Saw with other DAW’s this isnt an issue?

Hi, I know this is 5 years on, but I would give my left arm if you could help me effectively use my Unitor 8 in 2019 to sync up external groove boxes, & hardware synths with arps & sequencers etc - to Logic Pro X on my Mac Pro.
It’s all connected up via MIDI, but I get terrible lag as despite it’s best efforts Logic can’t tighten up MIDI at the same time as audio once latency inducing plugins get going. Logic aligns the audio, but not MIDI - despite compensation checkboxes.
Should I be setting the Unitor8 as the Master Clock somehow ? I can’t see how to do that.
Any help very gratefully received !

Also … I do have the Expert Sleepers ES40 & 8MD - but after weeks of forums and having no hair left at the end, I gave up. It seemed that an awful lot of prior knowledge was often assumed, and clear modern documentation or videos were not available.

Muchos appreciatos !