in this patch, I used Marbles to randomized René’s sequence


@aroom - This is great! It sounds like early Vini Reilly or Robin Guthrie. What’s the sound source?



the sound sources are Rings, Mangrove and a pinged Three Sisters, iirc.

the arpeggios came from René, being clocked by an URA, being FM’ed by Stages.

I was inspired by this track : But I don’t have Math, so I try to recreate the patch with my modules.


@pichenettes Pardon the ping, but is there an estimate on when we might see more Marbles becoming available?


Unfortunately no. Shit happened in the world’s supply of capacitors, and there is no longer any reliable estimate. I can repeat you the dates I get from the component distributors, but they have already been postponed twice, so at this point they no longer mean anything.


Whoa… what’s happened to all the capacitors…?


From what I understood: consumer electronics / cellphone manufacturers bullying passive component manufacturer into handling their orders first. And thus there’s a large backlog of orders for standard parts not being processed - and distributors like Mouser/Digikey/Farnell are running dry.

Even for things like a 25V 0603 100nF you start seeing shortages and huge delays:

Sometimes equivalent can be found and this leads to another problem: contract manufacturers being overloaded with requests for equivalents and BOM modifications.