marbles as the brain and heart in this patch. all triggers from marbles (kick/snare mode). also first patch with Fracture and of course in honor of Mysteron.


Very nice. Love those Fracture sounds, too!


Could you expand on this a bit more? I was experimenting a bit last night and I’ve not been able to achieve this…


Yeah I realised I was a bit vague!

The issue is that the desire to shift the sequence in time is relevant only to something else going on, probably something externally clocking/clocked by marbles.

i.e. making the 1 or 6 or 16 or whatever of marbles’ sequence correspond to a different moment of the external sequence.

Adjusting the length (or rate, if marbles is being clocked) of the sequence will catch up/fall behind whatever else is going on, shifting the sequence in (relative) time.

Unless I’ve completely misunderstood the issue! :slight_smile:


Oh I see. I was adjusting length to try to achieve this, but it sounds like if I’m clocking externally, I should adjust rate instead? Makes sense, thank you.


In my experience both do the trick, and by adjusting the length you can keep the same groove (if that’s what you want!)

Also, it occurred to me that rotating the sequence is a much better word for it than shifting

Happy patching!


Very very cool!



I was playing with the Marbles last night. Really nice module.
I’ve changed the Y parameters you know, but now I wonder how to return to the Y “factory” parametres.

Also I’ve clicked more than two seconds on T button(E on the manual) and the led start blinking. What is the point about this?



There is no option to do that. Just find settings that you like :slight_smile:

Nothing to worry about… It’s easy to get back to the non-blinking state!


Ah ok. pas de problème -)

Merci Maître.

Here I put the first “something” I made. With the help of Marbles of course -)



Does anyone know if the source for Marbles will be added to the Mutable github site? I’ve been poking around the code for various modules and would love to see the inner workings of Marbles.


After the second batch is sold, so sayeth the Olivier :slight_smile:


Marbles really intrigues me. I was hoping someone could enlighten me… How are people using Marbles alongside a sequencer? (I’m using a mobile grid plus ansible).



for me it’s simple. since I got it it’s my principle melody maker.
I run some melodies from my rené and sample with Marbles then I tweak it until i found something interesting and i let it run until i’m bored -)


I’m using it a lot along with Teletype (which is what I mostly use for sequencing). IT can be useful in many ways, though two things stand out for me: generate trigger patterns to trigger the TT. While you can of course do that inside the TT, I prefer the hands-on control of Marbles, which pairs nicely with the extensive scriptability of the monome module. The other thing – and that might be an obvious one – is to use it as a random source to modulate trimbres, feedback or modulation amounts… well anything that’s not stricly pitch. It’s also great to generate more random pitch sequences that run along a more deterministic one (but working on the same set of notes).


re: Working with the same set of notes:

@Papernoise, are you running sequences from TT into Marbles to train it, or are you just manually programming scenes in TT with notes from scales that have an affinity to what Marbles is plinking out?


So far I’ve been working with TET scales and did prepare a couple of scales in Marbles using a keyboard controller (Keystep).
It should be totally doable to proceed like you have suggested though.


Once the second batch goes out, and my preorder gets filled; I will be excited to experiment around this! :blush:


Interesting! I’m currently doing something similar with Tempi and Teletype, but I feel like I’m doing less and less complicated stuff with the Tempi and more and more complicated stuff with the Teletype in terms of trigger sequencing…I think that Marbles might be a bit more of a fit for my current flow (at least it is in my head)


Teletype, Marbles and Mimetic Digitalis are my sequencing cluster (and Stages, a matrix mixer fed with gates, and Circuit Abbey G8 sometimes join in too).

I tend to use TT mostly for algorithmic rhythms. It’s fun to generate an irregular clock for Marbles, which then riffs on it with its own patterns, Jitter and Deja Vu. :slight_smile: