What’s your external source? If you’re using the quantized output from the Marbles does the sharp note matter since the scale will be consistent among all 3 outputs?


I checked the other outputs and they are showing the same behavior in the Green mode in the X section.
So you are right - if it’s “wrong” everywhere, it doesn’t matter too much, but I’m the kind of “melody” guy who wants control over the randomness and marbles is not the only module for pitch purposes in my setup. Thanks for your help buzzard. Appreciated.


I found the solution and feel clumsy now. It’s described in the full manual how to restore factory scales.


Good folks i have a question for you all:

After enjoying marbles on its own the last couple of days, yesterday i wanted to try to externally clock it (via clock in on the t side) to get it to play with my grids and stay in time with my DAW.
For this purpose i used a 50% duty cycle 10v gate from silent way’s step LFO.
Now what surprised me is that the module definitely locks on the time of the clock but not at all to the phase. It seems to be perfectly at the same speed but still absolutely not in time.
To explain what i mean: if i clock it with 16th gates, set it to x1 clock, no div/mult, no jitter and listen to the t2 output, the two 16th gate rhythms are out of phase with eachother.
Sadly it has no reset or phase input so im not sure how to correct this.
Probably im doing something wrong, could anyone of you guys give me a hint as to what might be the problem?
Thanks in advance,


Regarding the lack of reset inputs: it resets after 5 seconds without clock signal.

Can you record on two tracks in a DAW the clock signal from Silent Way and Marbles t2 output?


This i noticed but restarting the clock seems to make it resume still out of phase.
Thank you for the quick reply, i will do that as soon as i get home.


So… I treated myself to a Marbles! And it had been nearly 2 years since I topped up Oliviers pension fund, which is pretty outrageous im sure you’ll agree. So it was definitely time :wink:
It wasn’t easy though… I had to evict no less than THREE modules to make room! Worse still, one of them was an MI Module :hushed: However, we’re talking MI Branches and a Turing Machine (+Pulses), which obviously Marbles covers in a more elegant way, so I think i’ll cope ok with the loss…

Anyway! Question if I may… Its supposed to lock with the Deja VU knob dead centre, correct? Mine locks noticeably off-centre (To the right by 2 or 3mm). Is that bad? Calibration anomaly? Does it actually matter?

Either way, I am enjoying it lots, so well done Olivier!
Although just as I think I have got a grasp on how it works, it does something to completely flummox me. But hey i’ve only had it a couple of days, so lots to learn and explore yet :+1:


@Jericho Had it ‘learned’ a scale without you realising? If so, then it’s a feature, rather than a bug.


i “feel” like my deja vu “locks” a little off center but that’s what the gently oscillating LEDs are for. marbles is far left on my rack so it may just be perceptual too🤷‍♂️


Sort of. I wasn’t aware that the factory scale gets overwritten if you are going for a user scale.
After resetting the scale everything is working as intended. :slight_smile:


Pots have backlash. 12 o’clock is actually 12:03 or 11:57 depending on whether you reach it by turning CW or CCW.


Hmm, you are largely right. Although regardless of which direction I reach the lock from there is still a slight but noticeable right side bias. Im thinking its likely no real issue now though.
Thanks gents :+1:


I don’t know the exact specs for the pots @pichenettes uses, but pots often have ±20% tolerances, and varying tapers, so it could just be that?


Yes, i was figuring it was something to do with pot tolerance, or a calibration oddity.
So long as im not missing out on anything at the extreme ends of the pot travel tho, then im ok with it :slight_smile:


Clocked it for the first time today and just did a simple four on the floor kick and the phase was definitely off. I think there’s ways around it but I gotta keep trying to figure it out. At higher rates it seemed to work pretty great but at clock rate it seemed out of phase. Maybe it’s just the random loops I was making today.


Any clue as to how I could reproduce this would be welcome!


seems to be related to clock rate. As mentioned above, high rates produce no noteable offset.

Try taking a clock at roughly quarternotes (116bpm) and patch it to t clock in. No division or multiplication.
This should already produce the out of phaseness


Now im trying all morning and i cant seem to reproduce it?


It would be really strange to release a module with such an obvious bug. I’ve spent hours and hours testing the module with clocks from Yarns, CVpal, the module tester and a TG5011A. This makes me believe there’s something else - maybe specific to the clock signal generated by your clock source? To start with, do you know its voltage level, and duty cycle? Maybe it has something to do with the slope of its edges?


I wouldnt be surprised, expert sleepers es-3 seems to sometimes put out weird gates.
The duty cycle is exactly 50% and the amplitude is 10v.
I just tried it through a comparator giving out a 5v gate and this way i cant reproduce the phasing.
Youre probably right that its something to do with an atypical shape on the gate in some situations.
While were at it btw, what gate duty cycle do you recommend for syncing?