Oohoo new module!

Some tidbits:

  • Originally conceptualized in August 2015. The original email:


  • I liked Warbles as a name, because the module can make lovely bird sounds. Then mqtthiqs showed me the Google Image Search result :confused:

  • Removed the “Braidsness” from it while I was working simultaneously on Plaits in January 2016. The button on the right used to scroll through various families of random process. I focused on only one family of distributions, and a single knob for smooth/steppy/steppy and quantized.

  • That’s the module in the infamous “board bringup video”. At the time I thought I would be finishing it very fast and aimed for a release in March 2016. I actually ordered the packaging at that time, that’s why they have the old recycled cardboard feel (and are thus easier to remove :smiley: ). I removed CV control on loop length, and added a master jittery clock output.

  • The module got eternally delayed for two major reasons: first I was not happy with the original interface for programming the quantizer. Second, every technical evolution Plaits and Stages received were also “backported” to Marbles for sake of uniformity.

  • For random generation, the module uses Inverse transform sampling with “wavetables” of CDFs (from beta-distributions with parameters controlled by SPREAD and BIAS). The hardware random source is built into the STM32F4. Apparently it’s an analog chaotic oscillator from which random bits are sampled.

So come up to the lab / and see what's on the slab / I see you shiver with antici

Wonderful!!! Way excited for this one. Already poring over the manual like a kid with the Sears Christmas catalog…


This looks fantastic. So many possibilities. Congratulations on the launch!

(((@pichenettes – One small thing you may want to nip in the bud: during a cursory look through the manual, I noticed that [J] is used throughout to refer to the output voltage range/scale selection button, which in the image is in fact labeled I. Conversely, I is followed by a explanation on setting the loop length in the text, while in fact the loop length knob is labeled J. Simply put: I and J seem to have been switched in the picture.)))


Here’s a playlist (if it works) of 5 videos looking at a few different sides to Marbles.

It’s a stunning module that still keeps surprising me with amazing features.




I’m still seeing it like this (in an “incognito tab” to make sure it’s not from my local cache):


Maybe the server takes some time to update?

(Sorry to nitpick. I’m an editor/translator by profession, I can’t help it.)

Edit: it’s fixed now, as well as the “t1 and t1” error. Hurray!


@Robrecht beat me to it! I think I noticed another manual typo though:

D. Bias. Controls whether gates are more likely to occur on t1 or t1. Several methods are available for splitting the master clock into t1 and t1, selected by the button [E]:

I’m guessing those should be t1 and t3?

Congratulations on the module release! I don’t even have a modular (yet! busy with the shruthi, ambika and anushri…) but always enjoy studying your designs.


Oooh, cool.

(ridiculous first impression: I like that the knob arrangement looks like a Space Invader)


Fixed on my side, waiting to do other changes before uploading.


The knob arrangement is reminiscent of a Galton board. You can probably drop marbles on the panel and watch them plot a nice Binomial distribution on your patch cables at the bottom.


If anybody does that please post a video! :smiley:


Anyway, this was made using Marbles for both pitch and various CVs

Actually… all of my recent Rings experiments have some Marbles in it.


Nice! Will get one for sure. There is a mistake in the manual:
D. Bias. Controls whether gates are more likely to occur on t1 or t1.

Should be t3, no?


Yes yes yes, I’m fixing it. I’m currently juggling with 3 git branches so it’s not super easy to fix the site.


Incredible module! Well worth the wait, thank you very much Olivier, for your inspired designs! Very much looking forward to creating with this tool.

Deep gasho-bow of respect!


Warbles :laughing:


OOF! I looked that up in google image search and I recommend to not do it. Unless you like images of bugs eating / burrowing into rabbits, in which case, weird. bllghggglblbblbllb


At least you were smart enough not to read the Wikipedia article…


Wow, this is like a quad Turing machine with CV recording capabilities!? Woooooow.


Exactly my thought. Expect used Turing machines up for sale in 3…2…1…