Marbles X Side problem

Hi guys,
I have a problem with the X side of my Marbles CV output lights not turning off.
I just got a new case (floor stock from a store), Marbles and a Dixie 2+, I set everything up and had a play for about 15 minutes last night to make sure everything was working fine and it was.
Then today I turned everything on, everything was fine for about 20 minutes. Then I went and did some other things and came back to my case and the Dixie 2+ isn’t outputting any sound or light and then X side of my Marbles isn’t working. From some testing I think the Marbles is still working fine now except the X side lights won’t stop being green or a slightly less bright green. I’m worried some more damage has been done to Marbles that I can’t test properly at the moment.

I’m also worried that there is an issue with the case (a pittsburgh 96hp case).

Can anyone provide any advice or ideas about what has happened here?

Have you enabled the external processing mode?

Nah, no light on the external processing mode, lights are on the output voltage range indicator.

I missed that element… Then it’s likely that your power supply is no longer providing -12V (which explains why Marbles can no longer output negative voltages, and why the analog module is kaput).

Yeah I was worried it would be a problem with the case, I really haven’t had any experience with broken/faulty gear. I’m not really sure how to approach this situation or who to consider at fault.
I don’t have access to another case to test if Marbles will be fine with a different power supply.

Try removing Marbles from the case. Does the Dixie work?

Do you have a volt-meter to check the voltage delivered by the case? Which case is that?

Just tried that, doesn’t work.
The case is a Pittsburgh Modular Case (Structure 96 — Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers).

I just had a good look at the power supply and adapter I was provided with and it outputs 15v, could that have something to do with it?

No, your case has a power supply circuit that converts this down to +12V and -12V.