Marbles - tuning has gone wonky?!

I haven’t used my marbles in a while (shame on me) but I recently patched in back in, and the tuning seems to have gone awry. I’m using it with a Plaits and Braids, which are tuned and sequence fine, and in tune with my Bloom.
However, when used with Marbles, it sounds really unquantised, really wierd and wonky! I’ve tried the different scales, they all sound messy, but the Major one is the worst.

With Steps CW, Spread CCW, (my X output is on green) the bias does indeed give me perfect Octaves, but when I move steps to anywhere else, it sounds like un unquantised mess.

Does my Marbles need re-calibrating?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If it gives perfect octaves, no.

Have you tried resetting the scale to the factory default?

Hi Pichenettes, I didn’t know that was possible - I just tried it and it’s resolved the issue, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Pichenettes,
I’ve come back to my Marbles, and it sounded out of tune/scale again. I reset the scale to the factory default, but this time it didn’t work.
I re-checked if the Marbles is giving perfect octaves, and unfortunately, it is no longer. The lower octave is good (bias full CCW), but the higher octave (bias full CW) is off, it is a semitone sharp.

Do you think this now needs to be calibrated?

If you want to return it to me for calibration, please use the contact form on the main website!