Marbles trigger issue

I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue here and could maybe offer some advice. I just got a marbles the other day (the momo modular clone) and when I put it in my Mantis case, only the x and y outputs lit up. Nothing happens on the trigger side of the module or any of the buttons on the top half. The other night it randomly started working properly for a while, but when I powered the case off and then turned it on the next day it wasn’t functioning again. I’ve tried different power ribbons and putting it in a different case, but no luck. Would anyone have any advice on what’s going on and perhaps a way to fix the issue. Thank you!

Some power supplies make the module occasionally latch up on startup. Normally, powering off and on the system again fixes this.

I replied to someone recently on modwiggler who also had a momo clone of marbles with a very similar issue. I posted a possible fix there (as it is a clone) if it is failing to start. Maybe worth having a look there.

Just be aware that problems with clones aren’t usually discussed on this board…

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