Marbles - tips for basslines?

Hi I have just upgraded my Marbles firmware and am spending more time learning the module (which controls Plaits).

I am creating really nice melodies and a lot of cool things but I was curious if you all had techniques for making basslines (House/ techno) or knew of links I could check out. Have not found many videos on this. I went through DivKids Marbles tutorial and it was great but not that musical.

Anyway, just looking for ideas while I work more on some patches.

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You could try taking the same CV controlling the melody to a sample-and-hold module, then to v/oct of another oscillator module.

Send some triggers to the S&S, and you have a bassline that follows selected notes of the melody.

You could also run the 2nd v/oct signal through an attenuverter, to offset the pitch of the bassline by ear, for variation.


I use a befaco a+b*c module and sometimes a sample and hold or quantizer with the produced CVs from marbles for quick experiments without losing the pattern on marbles. Lately that changed a bit with the new mode but it’s still handy.
Also experimented a lot with marbles in vcv to learn it more and find new tricks. It’s a pretty close emulation. It was fun to record the CVs into a sampler and play around with the sample itself.
Another thing that I use is befaco VCMC to control and record Marbles as midi notes.

Using a sequencer to modulate rolls and keychanges, ranges is very great too