Marbles T2 behavior: More variation (ala Grids)

Hello. Really loving Marbles, but would love a mode that gave some rhythmic variation to the T2 out for hi hats, more like Grids (particularly in the orange rate mode) Has anyone explored this in a firmware hack, or am I perhaps missing something that already exists within the module? Thanks. ::EDIT: Clarity::

There isn’t anything like this developed for the module - since there is a “deep” assumption in the code that T2 remains a steady clock output.

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Thanks, Émilie. Figured as much. Trying to imagine a logic equation between t1 and t3 that could generate relevant hi hat patterns based on main clock, as opposed to separate tables in Grids.

Hi, t2 is the main clock output so you can synchronize Other stuff even with the jitter of Marbles. personally, to extend the functionality of t2, I pass it through branches, or/and my 2hp euclydian rhythm generator. I have also the 2hp div to have even more control on it.


Ah, good call. Might also try a divider to a burst channel on the Quadrax. Thanks!