Marbles T1, T3 Changed?


Hopefully you can help me understand marbles better. I use marbles with a clock signal and I want to record it with ableton. I want to make a basic pattern with Kick and Snare (button E in the red mode). When i record this pattern now, Kick (T1) and Snare (T3) is changed that mean, Kick is on 5 and 13 and the snare is on 1 and 9, but why? If i change now T1 and T3 it works in the way i want.

Best Dirk

The clock signal needs to be paused for 5s for the pattern to reset. Marbles does not have a reset input.

Thx Pichenettes.

But sometimes bd starts on 1 sometimes not, does not matter if it was paused for more then 5s.

When I need a locked pattern from Marbles for a performance, I let it run for a short while and then stop the external clock just before the step I want as the first beat. It then always kicks off the pattern on the next step (in this case the first beat).

I’ve used this method of ‘cueing up’ Marbles several times and it always seems to work for me. Just takes a little practice stopping the clock at the right point. I’m using a Pamela’s New Workout as my clock source.

Hello Fuseball.

Ok, that means marbles remember the actual position. And what seen does the reset (5s) mean in that case? It’s not a real reset to the beginning from the bar?


I’ve never quite figured out what the 5s reset does. I don’t think it resets to the beginning of the bar though, as I didn’t think Marbles had any concept of a definitive start point of a locked sequence.

I could, of course, be completely wrong on this and pichenettes knows what it is doing far better than I do. :slight_smile:

In a kick/snare pattern, reset will cause the kick to be at the right time. The other two modes dont really have start and end points but kick snare begins with the kick after reset.

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Hm. Sometimes i get the kick right to the 1 and other times not. does not matter if i wait 5s or not. :cry:

Will look into this!


Perfect, thank you

Here’s a firmware update fixing this: the module resets to the first “step” of the drum or divider pattern when a pause is detected in the clock signal. (683.4 KB)

Note: there was already code in place to detect this pause, but it was only reseting the clock divider controlled by the main RATE knob.


Hi Pichenettes.

That was fast, thank you. I will try it later that day. Pause means more then 5seconds?

3s in the code!


Perfekt, now it works really handy. Thx.

Hello, is this part of 1.1FW?

No, this has been added later, there is no official release yet with this change.

thanks a lot for response! loaded it up and playing around. love it

Hello Pichenettes.

First of all the fw you postet here in the post worked very well. So if I make now the new update. Ist it Build from the fw you posted here? So I have still the benefit with the 3s pause?

Best Dirk

Yes. I will add this on the website. I forgot I had made this change!

Ok. Thank you. So I will wait a couple of days with the update?