Marbles sync/clocking

Hello. I am new here.
Somehow I cloud not find an helpful answer.
I try to sync marbles with an ext. Clock from my Cirklon. But evertime I start the sequencer the position of the signal changes. So how can I get marbles in sync with my other stuff?

Thank you

Marbles is a random source not a sequencer. It can be clocked but it doesn’t have a reset input. So everytime you start your sequencer it start’s over where it’s left of.

Thank you for your answer. How do get a good working result in combination with other sequencers?

If you stop the clock for 5 seconds, marbles will reset to the “first” step of the sequence and start from that upon restarting of the clock.


This is great info!

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Good. That is a useful information.

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So, it can be changed in the code, say to 1 or 2 seconds, right?

Yes, but then you won’t be able to sync the module to slow clock (say, quarter notes at 60 BPM).

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Ah I see! That’s right :slight_smile: so maybe I could repurpose one of the INs to use the reset from my a190 module to manually reset to the first step of the sequence whenever the reset is high? :grimacing:

Yes but that will be a lot of work. There is no notion of “reset” anywhere in the code (except resetting the clock divider on the RATE knob). I’ve recently made a change to also “reset” the drum pattern but that was a terrible hack, because many things in Marbles’ code require already knowing at t what’s going to be done t+1.

Ah ok - I thought I could hook into that and just trigger the code that is used for the 5seconds clock stop->reset routine