Marbles "super lock" feature

Here is a firmware update file for Marbles implementing this new feature. (684.1 KB)

How does it work? A long press on the t or X DEJA VU buttons locks the random generation for this section – which will stop responding to the DEJA VU knob. When a section is in this “super locked” state, the illuminated push-button blinks rapidly. Press it to bring it back to normal.

What is the point? Allow subtle variations or permutations in the melody (by playing with the DEJA VU knob) while the rhythm remains constant… or vice-versa!

In other words, the t and X section can be in these 3 states:

  • Illuminated push-button off: random without repetition (equivalent to DEJA VU set to the minimum).
  • Illuminated push-button on: randomness amount controlled by the DEJA VU knob.
  • Illuminated push-button rapidly blinking: loop without randomness (equivalent to DEJA VU locked to 12 o’clock).

That’s brilliant, thanks so much! I’ll try this out first thing tonight :slight_smile:

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whoohoo… it does work! :star_struck: Thank You! :heart_eyes: :sparkles: :pray:

Wonderful, thank you so much

Tried it out last night, super neat! Hope to record a video because THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW~ :star_struck:


Great to see an update to an already great device!

Question, do i need to recalibrate something?
I see no mention of a calibration procedure in the manual, unless i’ve overlooked it.

No recalibration needed.

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I haven’t updated my Marbles at all – is this all I need to update?

I.e. is this update cumulative with 1.1?

Yes the changes of 1.1 are in there too.


Awesome, thanks!

Cool, will try it tonite!

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It seems like if I super lock X with the DEJA VU knob at 12 o’clock and then turn the knob to 3 o’clock that I can return back to 12 o’clock and my original locked melodic loop will be restored, but if I then turn it to 6 o’clock it will overwrite that melodic loop. If I then return to 12 o’clock the new loop will be locked in.

Seems reasonable just want to make sure I’m understanding the behavior correctly.

You’re describing the normal behavior of the DEJA VU knob when a section is not super-locked.

Maybe you got confused because the button also blinks (but slower) at 12 o’clock.

You need a long press on the button to enable super-lock. Then it completely stops reacting to the knob!

Okay thank you. I reflashed again using the link in this post and now I see the expected behavior. I likely did something wrong installing the v1.2 I downloaded here

Awesome this has been implemented in a few days, amazing work émilie!
One question though, my Marbles always seems to boot with super lock activated on the ‘t’, no matter how I turn it off. Is this normal behavriour?

Settings (including the state of the t/X pushbuttons) are saved whenever you change one of the ranges or modes (small buttons).

Settings are NOT saved whenever you press the t/X pushbuttons since saving them to flash memory can freeze the module for a few hundred ms (and you don’t want this to happen while you just want to lock/unlock a loop).

Thanks for your quick reply!
Makes sense, pressing the buttons seems to do the trick.

So happy, thank you for this awesome little update.

this is a great feature - thanks!