Marbles - Set the chords and the Tonal note

Hello all.
I own a marble for few days now and so far I’m really really happy with it.
Despite reading the manual , I have a question (was not able to see if this was already discussed in the past).
I see that we can change scales, and we can change the range of voltage output for Xx.
Saying that you are running 2 Volts range, and the scale is set for C, E, G, B and C.

How to you change the “C” for … any other note to get for instance A, C#, E, G# instead ? Is there a way or do so from Marble or do you change instead the Frequency of your VCO module, for instance if you use Plaits.
Thanks to all.

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You change the root note on your VCOs (or you use a precision adder/offset module on Marbles’ output).


I didn’t understand this at first either.

@pichenettes: Perhaps it could be mentioned as a tip in the manual (unless it’s already there, and I just missed it)? :slight_smile:

Hello pichenettes!