Marbles + Rings programing scale issue


I recently bought Marbles and Rings.
Would like to programing scale as refered to the user manual.
I play litle jam with pentatonic minor scale (Root C) and keystep (Pitch for CV)

But i have few wrong note.
I’ve tried to adjust Rings frequency but i cant ha a whole right scale.

Other had the same issue ?

Thanks for your help

Let’s break things down…

  • Do you have the problem when you connect directly the Keystep to Rings.
  • Do you have tuning problems with Marbles’ built-in scales (for example, when STEPS is fully clockwise, do you get other intervals than octaves?)
  • Do you observe differences between a CV signal sent directly to Rings, and this CV processed by Marbles with STEPS at 12 o’clock?

Hi @pichenettes
Thanks for the answer.
No problem with keystep and Rings.
I have octave with step FCW.
If my jam is in C Pentatonic minor scale, should i tune Rings in C ? I have a doubt with the 0v root note set un C on my keystep.

Keystep : when i press C the note on Rings is C when all is at 12:00
Marbles : CV signal sent to rings and via CV is the same.
But when i play a jam in C the note when steps is FCW and Spread CCW is one step and half higher.

So after a lot of test I was able do have a nice scale !
I swith the case ON and OFF > OK

I left the synth and after a while switch on again and everything is out of tune …
Scale is offset.
I just plug a cable in clock …maybe that ?

Thanks for the help !


How do you do that ? by plugin gate to clock ?