Marbles random 0-5V and unquantized out

Is it possible to have the Y output be a random unipolar 0-5V output instead of a bipolar -5V - +5V?
The reason is that I need a source of a random unquantized V (0-5V) while running quantized outs on X2.

If there is another clever way of using one of the X outs as a random 0-5V while at the same time using one of the other X outs as steppy and quantized to a scale then this would work as well.

Thanks for your ideas.

Have you tried the different modes available on the right hand mode button?

It’s also possible to change the weighting of the Y output by holding the same button down and changing the bias knob (I’m not sure off the top of my head if this would let you make Y more liable to output a unipolar voltage though).

Have a deep dive in the manual though.

If unquantized is what you need (it contradicts the title of your post though), you can simply run Marbles’ Y output, with its default settings, through an offset and attenuator (Two channels of Shades or one channel of Blinds).

If quantized is what you need, you can adjust Y’s output setting for a high bias (BIAS knob around 2 o’clock) and a medium spread (SPREAD knob at 12 o’clock). It will occasionally venture under 0V, but rarely.

Thanks for the suggestions.
I will try holding M and adjusting Y for high BIAS and medium SPREAD.

PS: Title edited.

For a slightly different way to get a unipolar signal from the bipolar one, you could run the bipolar signal through the full wave rectifier of Kinks (take the last output of the first section), if you have one. A really useful little module!

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