Marbles Question about undescribed blinking LED mode

Hello fellow mutable addicts !
I recently bought a Marbles, which is absolutely brilliant. I noticed that when you press the “t” side mode selector more than 2 sec (pretty much like scale selector) you have a blinking led which is not described in the manual.
I was sure it was the gate time/randomness selector mode, but seems like it’s working like the Y parameters, even without blinking engaged.
So my question is, is it an easter egg mode or something alike ? Or maybe a bug ? I tried to modulate or tap on few things while this blinking, but it wasn’t really noticeable.

Edit : It looks like bias is controlling an increasing rate and that you can turn marbles into an oscillator ? (I’ve seen this on DivKid video but don’t remember him doing this)

Thanks by advance if some of you know about this or noticed !

These are variations of the 3 main modes for the t section.

Well that’s great ! Thanks for the investigations and precious informations :slight_smile: will look at this closer !