Marbles+Precision Adder+?

Looking to perform live key transpositions with Marbles.

I understand that a precision adder would allow the X outputs to be summed with another voltage to accomplish this.

While perhaps the obvious solution is using a Keystep to transpose a sequence, can anyone suggest other possibilities that keep this ‘in the case’?

A quantizer or another sequencer would work.

Considering that. Also looking at a Doboz TSNM MkII, yet need to make sure that the keys have the ability to latch.

this module can handle to transpose 3 voices in 2 hp:

Korg Sq-1 will do pretty much everything you want (gate driven quantised sequencer or 16 programmable quantised keyed notes) and is embarrassingly cheap. I have two which sit in front of a skiff. Versatile, small and take up no power or HP.

Awesome. That buys back a few HP.

Now you’re thinking. Not as sexy, yet does the trick, way cheaper, and doesn’t eat up valuable space in my very modest case.

Quant gemi and quantus pax from Noise engineering. Amazing additions to marbles for modifying melodies.

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