Marbles: Output voltage range led not always on?

Hi all,
as this is my first post here: I’m 50yrs and an avid synth player living in Germany, today my first Mutable Instruments Modules arrived (Tides, Plaits, Marbles, Rings, Beads, Frames).

I started studying Marbles, and suddenly realized that the Output voltage range LED is not permanently illuminated (which sort of deviates from what I think is the “normal” ) I can press-hold it, than it starts flickering in orange, than I can cycle through the colors with the LED flickering in different rates; when I let go, the LED is off again. Is that the expected behaviour? From the vid on Youtube I see the LED steadily on. All Modules are hooked up to a TIPTOP Audio uZeuss, mounted in a TipTop Happy Ending Kit.

(also the color difference on all “orange”-status LEDS is almost indistinguishable from red - TIDES is similar, Rings and Beads much better for my taste; in case that info is of any value)

I realize that’s a complete Newbie question, still I haven’t found any explaination yet, so thanks for your help :wink:


Are you sure that the module is not set to external processing mode?

This feature is enabled/disabled by the button labelled as (O).

In external processing mode, there is no point defining what would be an output voltage range, since the output voltage is related to whatever you decide to feed into the module input! As a result, the output voltage range goes off.

This is normal, Tides and Marbles use bicolor LED that sinks 5 times less current than the LEDs used on Rings. But the R and G components blend less well on those.

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Thanks a lot! Indeed, the external processing was turned on. For whatever reason I pressed the “O”-Button for too long, didn’t manage to turn it off yesterday. Today with a fresh mind and your help everything’s fine now :D. I appreciate the fast help!