Marbles online Manual

Dear Émilie,

I recently did a new video on Marbles and while refreshing my knowledge about the module I noticed that the online manual doesn’t describe the T section modes. The QuickStart PDF however, describes them in detail. Maybe adding this to the main manual can avoid a bit of confusion. Thanks for reading and hope you’re doing well!

Cinematic Laboratory

Can you point me to which paragraph of the printed manual is missing?

It’s encroyable and formidable how you monitor this forum. I’ve created an image to show you what i mean, I hope I can attach it…

:thinking: The exact same text is used to describe what the 3 modes do.

Well, the reason why missed those was because there were no icons that usually point you to the right direction when you’re eager to find something. I had to watch DivKid’s video to figure it out. Sorry to waste your time :).