Marbles - new alternative firmware

Hi, I released Marbles alternate firmware “resurrection” v01.

This firmware adds a function of save/load random loop sequence in memory.
We can explore vast sea of random rhythm and return to the previous discovered precious random rhythm.
It’s useful for live performance (as possibility of composition).

If it seems good, I hope that the function or concept is included to the next future Marbles official firmware (because it seems that some of modular performers need the function).


In github you wrote :
3. (NEW FUNCTION) Save the rhythm by holding “T rate switch” and “T deja vu switch”.
Isn’t it T rate switch and X deja vu switch ?

Hi, to make the save button and load button independent,
After holding “T rate switch”:

  • Save is pressing “T deja vu”.
  • Load is pressing “X deja vu”.

It’s not pressing the two buttons at the same time. At first holding the button, and pressing the another button.
(I updated the github release page’s description.)

Ok thanks I misunderstood.
Perhaps you should put « then » instead of « and ».

Thanks for your help.
I updated the github release page’s description.

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Hi, I released v02 firmware.
From some discussion, save/load UI changed from holding button to long-press button.
And add new function of setting loop start position.
But it has some issues at specific condition (so it’s like beta release), I will fix later.

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Yooooooo I was just asking for this

Non-Volatile Marbles Lock?

Super excited to try it… thank you !!!

Unfortunately, it save/load in volatile memory (RAM). (I updated the release page’s description.)
I will consider adding option to save/load in non-volatile memory (currently the feasibility is unknown).

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