Marbles into Stages Sample and Hold issues

Hi All, I think I found an issue with the stages sample and hold but maybe I’m using it wrong.

Basically, I’m wiring T3 as the gate for X3 for a stages segment set in Sample and hold. I want to slew the quantized marbles value slightly. What I’m noticing is that the Marbles T3 triggers slightly before the X3, causing the stages to miss sampling the new X3 value. It samples the old one that just ended instead.

I’m using a single stages segment (next one on the right has a gate input) in yellow mode non looping.

Am I having a wrong expectation of how this should work?

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Have you tried changing the duty cycle/gate length on Marbles (holding the t mode button and moving bias) ?

As t2 is always at 50% duty cycle, maybe try that first and see if it makes any difference to the sample point?

3. Gate outputs.

Hold the button [E] and turn BIAS to adjust the gate length from 1% to 99%, or JITTER to adjust the gate length randomization (from deterministic to completely random). Only t1 and t3 are affected by this. t2 has a constant 50% duty cycle.

When did you buy the module and have you ever updated the firmware on it?

I remember that an earlier version of the Stages firmware sampled the CV immediately when it received the gate, and that I later added a 2ms delay. This delays helps with the small lag (< 1ms) that Stages has when it comes to acquiring a CV, and with some keyboards/sequencers that have a slower CV output compared to the Gate. On Marbles’ side, I’m pretty sure I did whatever was necessary for the t3 and X3 output to be synchronized! (within 0.25ms)

If you have not done it, I recommend installing the latest version of the Stages firmware with the sequencing extensions. Stages: extended sequencer firmware

Original discussion: Stages - #186 by pichenettes

Perfect! this solved the issue. Definitely think you should include the new firmware on the main product page, I had looked there and thought I was on the latest.

Thanks so much for your help!

I know, there is a last thing I need to fix in the sequencer mode before making a proper release, I am just completely overworked.