Marbles Harmonic Ideas for possible firmware

Here are a couple Ideas i`ve been having as I use more and more Marbles.

*** Chord Mode ***
-X1, X2 and X3 to deliver different notes in each trigger. This way harmony will always occur between sound sources. Right now the 3 channels are individually random and some times they play the same note.
-Spread would have a a lot of Impact of the Chord Spread, If Set at Minimum maybe the 3 outputs make Unison, or maybe the limit can be 1 scale degree apart, making “dissonance” or maybe it could be 2 scale degrees appear making a Triad Chord.

*** Upper Structures ***
-Have the whole STEPS knob be designed for Quantized purposes. From Max (5oclock) backing it to Middle (12oclock) the knob behaves as Normal, adding for Options to the Scale. From Middle backing it to Min (7oclock) the common Notes will begun to disappear leaving only the rares ones.
The Curve doesn’t have to have a Notch at 12oclock, might be better to star removing the common notes while approaching 12oclock.
This way The voice programmed can play a standard chord while STEPS are at Max, and play a custom upper structure while at Min.

More preset Scales
-Instead of 6, why not 9? 12?
-either Blinking light super fast/super slow/different blinking patterns for identification.
-or the 7 light at the bottom (T1, T2, T3, Y, X1, X2 and X3) show which bank of presets is being selected having the 3 normal blinking rates).

-These to Ideas together could expand Marbles to new dimensions as a Melodic 3 channels sequencer.
-Having the whole STEPS knob be over taken by quantizer may make people miss the un-quantized feature, so maybe there are 2 versions of this feature, and in one of those X2 remaining unquantized. There are a lot options on what not-to loose here, like having either 1 or 2 X outs for un-quantized. Each no-quantized channel would remove 1 chance from Chord Mode, but the 2 ideas are different ones so they can co-exist.
-I find this implementations would be easy to use and expand the module.

These are not controlled by software, but by hardware – the light exactly reflects the voltage at the output. I’m not sure it would be a good idea to disrupt the signals on the output just for the sake of indicating which scale is active.

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Maybe have 9 custom scales: ultra fast blink / fast / slow…
Even “slower” or “custom pattern” like “2 blinks, space, 2 blinks, etc”

@ukyzky has a fw that lets you transpose the scale a couple ways. Using that to play in different modes, and doing some clever scale building with regards to how the Steps knob interacts, I think six is plenty. When I get some time I’ll share my scales and try and explain my reasoning behind them.

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