Marbles, Grids, and Other Clocks: Strategies

As discussed elsewhere (Grids clock choice), Marbles and Grids have very different means of clocking. How are people using both modules with other clocks in their systems? What do you prefer to use as a master?

I usually run various clocks from my DAW via an expert sleepers es-3 & es-5 combo.

I provide 24ppq and a reset for grids while outputting anything between 1/1 and 1/16 clocks for marbles and occasionally tides, peaks and friends.

I like this approach because it keeps everything in sync and i can MIDI-map a fader in ableton to control the swing amount in all the clocks. The pattern-recognition sync in the mutable modules and the dinsync style clock in grids allows the whole team to run at the same swing pattern or even at complex grooves extracted from records i like.

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I don’t have Grids, but I find Marbles really flexible – it’s great either as the master clock, or following something else.

I like feeding Marbles irregular trigger patterns – Euclidean or sequenced stuff – and then seeing what I can get it to produce with heavy Jitter and Deja Vu with a short loop length. I also like using Marbles’ three t outputs to drive algorithms in Teletype.

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I’ve clocked Marbles from Timerunner and Old Pams with good results - T & X accepting different clocks makes a lot of possibilities. haven’t used Marbles as a clock source. that’s my 2 cents!

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Has anyone tried getting Marbles to follow a 24ppq clock signal without any other module in between? I have a Dinsync breakout cable that I’m hoping will allow me to free up a CV out from my Analog 4. I’m still a little unsure of the different divisions I can get from a clock input into Marbles.

I don’t think you’re going to have much luck stepping down 24ppqn to a usable division from within Marbles.

I wish Marbles accepted 24ppqn (enabled via a button combo) as this would likely reduce Marbles’ tendency to cough and splutter into action when started from an external clock source.

Of all my modules, Marbles is the jankiest when it comes to external clock input.