Marbles Gate Adjustments

I’m not able to tell atm, but when adjusting the gate length and the randomization, will the gate length set the shortest gate length for the random gate lengths?

No, it sets the average. The randomization adds fluctuation above and below this average value.

Okay, that makes sense. I thought my ears were tired and I was mishearing but everytime it seemed to go low and high. Thanks for clearing it up. Still love it so much.

I just bought marbles and noticed that the gate length and randomization adjustments do not affect the t2 output. Is this the expected behavior of the module?

Yes, t2 is always at 50%.

Thank you!

I can’t seem to get the gate length or randomization to change at all no matter what I do. I’m holding the button labeled E and turning the Bias and Jitter knob but nothing is happening. Anyone else experience this?

Hold the E button and turn jitter ©, try extreme settings fully CW or fully CCW and use an envelope shape that has sustain as part of its shape.

Thanks! Trying that now with no results. Here’s a video showing it working with the PNW gate and then not working with the Marbles:

Not what I experience. I’d reupload the firmware and see if that solves the issue.

Please, no, don’t do that! Where does that superstition come from?

There is absolutely no logical and technical justification behind that.

Firmware doesn’t just stop functioning in a way that makes everything in the module work except for one tiny feature.

The worst that can happen is that an entire sector of flash will become damaged (this happens at the rate of 1 module per 10,000 per year) - in this case, the processor will simply crash and the module won’t boot.

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You’re holding the wrong button.

You are holding F in the video, you need to hold E.

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My bad. I’ve read it work for other people and it never made sense to me but people have said it worked for them.

Oh strange! My manual labels it as E.

Ah ah! There seems to be a typo in the manual where the letter “E” is re-assigned to different buttons.

In the printed manual, the picture that is shown next to the section describing gate adjustments correctly labels the small black button as E. Or is your manual misprinted too?

I don’t have the printed version anymore. This screenshot was from the “marbles_quickstart.pdf” I downloaded from the website.

Is there a full downloadable manual available or is the “quickstart” pdf the manual?

marbles_quickstart.pdf is the correct file, the one I send to the printer.

The pages are meant to be viewed side-by-side:

Maybe I should export it as spreads rather than pages!

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