Marbles gate adjustment via "gate" + BIAS knob

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the marbles module, but I’ve been reading the manual and so far it seems pretty straight-forward. However I’ve come across something that I need some help from you all on…

I’m holding down the “e” (gate length) button and turning the BIAS and JITTER knobs to adjust gate length & randomization, however I’m not noticing any change in gate length out of T2’s output. Plaits simply triggers for as long as the T2 LED is lit, and thats it. The only change in length seems to be when the RATE knob (T) is CCW for longer lengths, and shorter as I turn it CW, to increase the tempo respectively…

Am I doing something wrong/ expecting a different result here? I would assume the gate length would do exactly as it says…perhaps I am misunderstanding where the changes will surface?

Thanks in advance…

Oddly enough, you tried posting earlier the same question while mentioning it was a “Pachinko” module.

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