Marbles firmware update issue

Hello there! I’m new on the Forum, nice to meet you all.
I’ve just got a problem with update procedure with my Marbles (factory):
I tried many times the update procedure with many gain settings, from the MacBook, from the mixer, but the module remains in the update status, no reactions :frowning: Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance

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Turn up

Already done, I’ve turn up the volume input (and also the “Rate/gain”) until the red light but no reaction: when the update track is finished, the Marbles remain freeze

Do you see at any point the T and X DEJA VU LEDs blinking in an alternate pattern (normal reception).

Do you get any blinking lights indicating an error (all LEDs blinking in red)?

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Yes, they blink until the end (sometimes they stop and all the module’s leds blink in green light). But at the end of firmware track the lights of Y,X1,X2 and X3 stops in red light… This is weird because the “rate gain” is always in orange :sob:

So it looks like the module isn’t receiving the last packet correctly… Do you know at which sample rate the audio output of your MacBook runs?

I don’t know exactly the sample rate, I must check it and update you! (It’s a 2011 Mackbook Pro).
But now remains in update mode also with the “last blinking” in green!
I’ve just recorded a video but I can’t upload in the forum ‘couse I’m a new member

Update: the sample rate is 44,1khz 24bit

Can you change this to 48kHz? The firmware data might be degraded by the downsampling from 48kHz to 44.1kHz.

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Done: by now the procedure ends with all leds (Y,X1,X2,X3) blink in green but the module doesn’t restart and remain in update mode

Which software do you use to play the audio file? Can you tell me the total length of the file you see?

I use VLC and the tracks is 1: 56 ‘ .
Stupid question: is it right to use a mono cable? I also tried with stereo one now but no results

This is the right length… not sure what’s the issue! Could you please send me a message on the Mutable Instruments website - you can return me the module and I’ll have a look!

Ok, thanks! I’ll contact you soon on the website.
Thank you.

Not sure if this helps, but i had similar problems updating Warps and Clouds. I used different audio devices/playback software, used the outputs of an ES_3 adat module (so impedance should be right), lowering volume, clipping or not to no avail. In the end i discovered sending the signal through a vca (veils in my case) did make the modules accept the input signal. full linear mode with slightly before 12o’clock gain settings. (The input level shouldn’t clip or go in the red, but i’m not sure marbles has a level indication when flashing firmware though)

I played mine in from a digital audio recorder and it wouldn’t work’til I used a stereo cable. :man_shrugging:

I’ve always used a mono cable straight out of my iPad without any issues.

Where the “ring” contact would be on a stereo cable, there is only the “sleeve” contact on a mono cable. That means that with a mono cable, the right audio channel is shorted to ground. Depending on the output stage of the playback device, this may cause the remaining channel to be distorted or more quiet. It’s not usually a problem, but it’s worth trying out a stereo cable.

I didn’t notice this before. I hope this is helpful.
I had the same issue with VLC. What I did was to import the .wav to Ableton Live, I paned the audio to the left, controlled the output volume so it doesn’t clip, and from the headphone output conectes a mono patch cable to the module.


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I had similar issue with clouds, and use now my DAW to send audio file. Which work fine now. I will upgrade my marbles tomorrow and will see how the product react. As you now a Mac, might be good to use Garageband.