Marbles, external CV processing mode, going from external clock to internal

This topic is about the issue pointed by TheTechnobear, which got lost in a very generic “Marbles” topic.

Here’s a tentative fix.

What happens exactly? When the module is in external processing mode, with an external clock for the X section, and when you remove the patch cable so that an internal clock is now used for the X section, the acquired CV data on output X1 (which was shifted to output X2 and X3) is copied to the DEJA VU loop of all three outputs. (681.2 KB)


had family visiting so not had a chance to check this out yet, but they’ve now gone home,
so hopefully today i can test this out.

thank you for your help, I’ll let you know how i get on :slight_smile:

finally had a chance to test this… and works great,

it’s really enjoyable to clock in a sequence, then remove both the cv and clock inputs, and move to the marbles timing, where I can have fun with t.

fun times - thank you for your help!

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