Marbles alternate firmware possibility?

How difficult would it be / and would it even be worthwhile to have an alternate mode for Marbles where instead of taking an incoming steady clock and dividing/multiplying it, it would step forward on each pulse? Sort of like how the Wogglebug behaves. I know a mode like that would render the jitter ineffective and obviously the rate knob would not control the divisions/multiplications anymore but there have been many times where I would prefer to send it my own irregular pulses to step it forward instead of feeding it a steady clock. Do any of you who know more about this stuff than i do think this could be a feasible and/or useful mode for Marbles?

Some features of Marbles require the module to know in advance, at a given point in time, when the next pulse is going to happen (for example everything happening on the left side of the STEPS knob, JITTER, and clock multiplication).

However, if you don’t use these features, the module can deal with irregular pulses, both on the t and X clock inputs.

Interesting, thanks for the info. I will give it a try.