Marbles acting strange - Steps inverted, X button unresponsive

The only change that had occurred between having a perfectly normal functioning Marbles and one where the function of the Steps knob is reversed ie CCW is now stepped and CW is slewed, and the X button, upon powering up, sometimes not, but always unresponsive to bring pressed (to clarify - pushing it does nothing to alter its state, light doesn’t change, etc) is swap my system from 4ms Pod 48X to a Blackhole 6U_90.

Every other module in the system is behaving as it should.

I tried several power headers in the new case - no effect upon the aforementioned issue.

Can’t try the old case, as it was sold to procure funds for the new case.

The module was purchased new less than two months ago from a reputable, authorized dealer - I’ll be following up with them yet thought a solution may be procured here.

The new case is supposedly better, with more power and effective distribution boards.

Any guidance would be appreciated. :pray:

What is the color of the LED above the button controlling knob control mode (labelled N in the manual)?

In the orange and red modes, some of the X outputs react differently to the controls. Only in the green mode do all outputs follow the knobs.

I’m not sure I understand. What is happening all the time, what is happening never? And what do you call the X button?

What I call the X button is labeled ‘G’ in the manual.

The colour of the LED labeled N changes, as it should, from green/orange/red, and does not affect the colour of the aforementioned X deja vu button. EDIT ah now I understand. A simple case of RTFM. My apologies.

To clarify, I just powered up the case. Button G is lit, and does not turn off when pressed. Conversely, button F toggles lit/unlit when pressed.

Last night, button G was behaving in this manner, as well as not being lit when powered up, and being non responsive.

Looks like you’ll have to send me back the module for repair to fix that button then!

I will contact the store I purchased the module from to see if they would like to facilitate that, or if I should send it directly to you.

I am loathe to be without it for long, as it is the sole source of CV/gate I have. However, I (as always!) appreciate your timely responses and willingness to support your products and their users.

Am quite curious as to what could have caused this to occur, as it was working perfectly last time I played (Thursday).