Marbles accents

I’m trying the K/S mode in Marbles to drive kick/snare tone generator modules. However, with the constant gate level in the T1 and T3 outputs, I get a rather “machine gun” type of monotonous output. Does anyone have any strategies to share to modulate the gate levels in order to accent hits on the 1 and 3?

You can use X1 and X3 to modulate the level or brightness of your kick and snare, but it’s going to form its own pattern. Marbles excels at generative rhythms, but it takes experimentation and I’ve found you gotta let it do it’s thing.

Programming specific accent patterns might be best achieved with a different module, not to say you couldn’t combine an external accent pattern with Marbles though, if that makes sense.

Thanks, but that seems much too random for the K/S mode, which by it’s very nature is supposed to be more conventional than the other modes.

I can sort of get dynamics by dividing the clock down by 2, then using that to trigger a decay envelope to use on the amplitude of the drums, but it’s a pain trying to get the clock to align with the 1 and 3.

I wonder if maybe the X output in K/S mode should be tailored to be used for kick and snare beat dynamics and produce gates that are accented. That might be more useful in kick/snare mode than v/oct output.

Personally, I like building a melody or bass based on the beat when I’m using the k/s mode that uses the X section, but I could understand that.

Maybe Grids would be better for doing what you want since it has built in accents. If you aren’t using Marbles other ways then beats, I’d definitely recommend trading for Grids, or just get both :wink:

Better yet, convince someone like @ukyzky to port Grids into a firmware for Marbles as an alternate mode (I have no idea if this is feasible but was fun thinking about):

Thanks, but that’s not really what I’m looking for. As I mentioned, I’m looking for a way to modulate the gate level as a way to accent the amplitude coming out of the oscillator, not deliver an accent trigger. There are many oscillators with great kicks and snares, for example Plaits, that don’t respond to an accent trigger.

Plaits samples the LEVEL input whenever it receives a trigger, it is thus possible to send an accent trigger on this input.

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That’s exactly my point :). Any ideas on how to accent the T output from Marbles, especially in K/S mode? The envelope idea I mentioned above sort of works. I’m just curious how other people use Marbles to generate Kick/Snare patterns with dynamics.

Your message seemed to imply that Plaits does not respond to accent triggers.

I’m just curious how other people use Marbles to generate Kick/Snare patterns with dynamics.

Hi, I usually use Stages with two or three shift register segments (quiemem’s alternative firmware needed), each one gated with Marbles T correspondent out, then you can get up to 16 step sequences of dynamic variations to affect the desired parameters of the drums. For a classic accent type I’ll use a comparator and adjust it with offset/attenuation to get a single accent with a constant voltage. The X out of the Marbles can serve the same purpose but for drums usually I lock the loop short and have more extended sequences for the dynamics, also using two or three X outs combined using attenuverters can give nice results. The only downside is that you have little control on when you want to place the accents.
Hope it helps

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Interesting. Thanks!

je reve d’un Grids a 5 ou 6 voies…imagine !!