Marble and plaits loose memory

Something frustrating happens to me that doesn’t always happen again but that I managed to capture on video: my marble (still under warranty) and my plaits (second hand) lose their memory when I turn off my system.

I checked my power supply (rackbrute 6u) covers the power demanded by the modules well with a - 12v close to the limit (10% reserve). on the other hand I did not pay attention to the place of the modules on the bus: I did not think that it could have an incidence.

Do you have any idea what may be causing my missinterpretation or the problem ?

In the video mat le loose x lock and plaits loose vcfa and decay values.

thank you

This is normal!

Marbles saves the state only when the small buttons are pressed (reason: saving can freeze the module for up to 1s, so saving the DEJA VU state every time it is toggled could cause little disasters during a performance).

Plaits saves the state only when switching between models (same reason: saving freezes the module for 100ms, this pause is more acceptable when it comes along the silence/reset that necessarily occurs when switching models, as opposed to changing VCFA settings or octave during a performance).

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Ok thanks you !
I couldn’t guiss without your help.

Is there same type of issue with stage / beads options ?

Stages saves the settings every time you press a button, with up to 0.1s of freeze when this happens.

As for Beads, the freeze can be up to 0.2s. The state of the SEED button is never saved, and the state of FREEZE is saved only after 10s of continuous freezing.

Thanks for the complement of information.

Does Marbles save the deja vu sequence when you press any of the small buttons, or does it just save the state of the t and X buttons?

The DEJA VU sequence is never saved.

Please consider that as an enhancement for a future update. A long press on a small button or a button combination to save the entire state, including the sequence. This could be used prior to powering down. Otherwise, if you’re using deja vu, the most important thing IMHO is not being saved.

Marbles already has a feature to save the state. If that bothers you, you should complain to Emilie :slight_smile: . The only issue is: what exactly should be saved? I would argue there’s no point to saving the t and X buttons if you’re not going to save the sequence.

Mmm maybe it would make sense if the DEJA VU knob is above 12 o’clock… But otherwise, saved or not, the sequence will be replaced by a new one after several clock ticks anyway.

Currently what is being saved is “the recipe” (“something that repeats itself with a 10% chance of mutation”) rather than the actual material.

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Yes, it’s the “12 o’clock and above” case where it would matter if the sequence was saved. It would be great if that could make it into a future update. Thanks.