Map X and Y knobs don't change anything

Hello everyone,

As stated in the title of this thread, I have my Anushri built and running but my Map knobs don’t change the mapping of the drums patterns. I don’t feel like I’ve damaged any components during assembly… Does anyone already had this problem ? Any solution ?

Thanx in advance

Do these knobs work in the other Menus?

Yes, they normally work in the other modes. That’s why I’m a bit confused on this issue…

Thanx for your time.

If they work in the other Modes they work as well for the drums - they cant be broken for just one Mode. Try setting the Densitiy to a Mid value and tweak. Give it some Beats time.

Maybe you could tell us what do you expect these to do!

Thank you for the answers.

Aren’t these knobs supposed to change the drum patterns following a mapping matrix of some sort ? Maybe it’s me but I thought the changes would be more drastic and immediate when turning the knobs…

I’m really satisfied with the sound of this box though. The drum sounds are really good. Great fun to assembly too. I already own a Shruti and they complement very well each other :slight_smile:

Yes, it changes the pattern, you don’t hear any difference at all when they are turned? The pattern played depends on the position of the density knobs too. If they are set to their minimum or maximum position nothing will happen.

Ok. I must have been confused by the system of the drum sequencing. Well it’s quite confusing at first :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems I didn’t really understand the structure of this sequencer. After a few minutes turning the knobs I do hear changes now. I thought only Map X and Map Y knobs would change the structure whereas it’s a combination of all the knobs (density+map) that produces random changes.

Thank you both for the answers. Great and responsive community and developper !

PS pour pichenettes : j’avais posé la même question sur Anafrog mais pas besoin de répondre là-bas du coup. Merci à toi pour cette fabuleuse petite machine et ton implication :slight_smile: