Map of members

Hi Pichenettes and other, what do you think of a map of members on the forum ?
Do you think that is possible ?
This could help to meet, to share our hobby, and other intesting possibility
Like as problem solving.
Take electronics courses.
Exchange our knowledge.

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No =) It’s about SID destruction video. If it exists - all you see is this message at youtube.

I’ll wonder if there’s simillar video with MOS SID chips =)

@schrab: Nooooo

You deleted your own content? Must have been really bad…

I wonder what the hell that guy was doing in that ‘divide by zero’ video. He also caused a small fire in another chip behind the ATMega after it exploded. I have made similar things happen in simulation when I screwed up and overloaded current by several orders of magnitude…

maybe the first blow caused another denominator to become zero too, we can all be glad that this didn’t end in a zero chain reaction


Is this from Tunguska? Or are you trying to start a “My Shruthi was here” Thread ?

This is Olchon island (one local man asks me to show him the Shruthi, so i take it to the trip)

Meanwhile i found out what happened in Tunguska

oh yes Mutable meetings all over the world!
what about using

Great idea. I was a member of a flashlight forum (long story, but there are some amazing flashlights out there), and the members do regular meetings all over the world. I’m not too active over there now-a-days, ran out of money, but I do have a flashlight that will ignite a piece of paper.

I am member of the
Facebook Group ( )
There is also Google+ page ( ) for mutable instruments where you can see members locations,

I like Google+ Hangups function where multiple people can meet virtualy with their webcams.
I paricipated twice where AbletonOp ( members met.

I will propose Pichenette arrange hangout like this once where we could see each other , maybe in the next one we could solder one of kit on a session together :slight_smile:

Who’s up for this ?

+1 for the Hangout thing! I’d be in!
don’t know where you can see people’s location on g+ except going through each person’s profile…

How do one get to see the members map on google plus?

What about Google Maps? You can build your own Map, and every forum user can create his position in it!

@pichenettes There was ( is ) a good google Chrome extension ( ) “Map My Circles” where you could see that but I just realized it does not work anymore with new G+ GUI :frowning:

I am definetely up for Hangouts and I am willing ( if pichenettes allow me ) to schedule one if there are others interested to participate.