Many thanks to Olivier for his work - Shrunthis and Ambikas

Hi all , seems that now Shruthis is cancelled here by Mutable Instruments . Many thanks to Olivier for his work and also for his schematics and software.
I had never bevore such a small synthesizer that gives so much fun !
Fun while building , fun while developing new Voicecards and also fun while plaing with it.
Olivier had send me the last parts so that i can continue the Shruthi-versum.
Ok , i can’t substitude Olivier complete , but i hope i can give you also a good service and if you have problems while building i offer now a SCYPE first aid service.
You can reach me via SCYPE ( camera) if there are some problems and i will take a look on it. Mail me and we make a video conference.
Next week i will update my Shop , than also SMR4/Mobos - Boards in black ! available.
In plan is also a new Shruthi/Phoenix stereo filter . This i miss for this Instrument .
Thanks to Olivier and his help for the last jears .



Hear hear - once I’d built my Shruthi I spent many months exploring filter and other tweaks for my SDE version, and never once in that time did I stop marveling at how versatile and excellently-sounding this little synth was.

Applause applause for Olivier