Manual in PDF?

Has someone done a conversion without the left hand panel? So I dont kill my printer printing it out?
I’d rather have a hard copy


just select the text and images from the web page and paste using source formatting into Word. I did this using Chrome and MS Word 2013. Zero editing required.

i uploaded a quick and dirty pdf attempt, sorry, i have no experience with making pdfs
even the name has a typo

if there is a better version please let me know so i can remove this.

Nice one roach! That’ll do it!

…but this is the Ambika forum herrprof

Whooops – thats what you get for reading for forum on mobile!

Ill just put in a FR for an autogenerator for the ambika version as well to save face :stuck_out_tongue:

Use this site to transform the original page into something easier to print.

great, thanks! gonna give it a try tonight

Well, that worked very well, thanks.

not for me, it doesn’t import the graphics. we’ll see

I spoke too soon- my .pdf is very readable, but does lack the graphics.

here you go, converted the Word version to PDF

Thanks, monkey!