Managing stereo modules


I have in my system two clouds, rings, elements and planning to buy soon a morpheus from rossum. All this modules are stereo, for this six modules my external mixer is dead. I would appreciate how do you deal with this situation. Stereo modules seems to be increasing its popularity on different eurorack suppliers.
I know there are solutions like Dubmix, but I found it extremely expensive for the required function. I was thinking on buying two 2HP mixers, or ABC from Bastl…


If “simple” is what you’re looking for, check out the Circuit Abbey Unify which can be expanded beyond 4 channels with level and pan for each.

Thanks Norde. The Doepfer solutions means I need 2 of this for four stereo modules (the other two go to the external mixer). Total cost will be euro 360 and 40 hp of case space.
If you use a 2HP mixer, which each one can process 4 inputs, you can pan one left and the other right, cost will be 200 USD and 4 hp of use. It seems to me good option…

Thanks Reviver, the Unify is a good option but is out of stock everywhere…

Also worth checking out: WMD Performance Mixer
Quite big when compared to the 2HP ones though, but it’s basically a desktop mixer with CV control in your rack.

The cockpit is a 6hp 4channel stereo mixer with sidechain! And you can daisychain a few of it.

great value for few money