Male connector for pole selector, SMR4 MkII

Probably a really dumb question, but … which way up does it go? Have soldered with short legs poking up but the jumper seems to wobble around all over the place, not very secure. (I did try the jumper on the longer legs before I soldered it but was equally wobbly.)

Have searched both generally and for pics of completed boards at the right angle but to no avail.

Do I need to clip the legs or something?


No don’t clip the leads!

you are supposed to solder the short side so that the longer legs stick out on top. The jumper should go on the long legs. Wobbly doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t fall off. You can always bend the legs a little to make it fit tighter.
But if you soldered the long legs down and short up you should be able to push the legs back to the top side by heating them one by one and simultaneously pushing them with the iron.

got it.

getting good use out of the desoldering braid… :slight_smile: