Making your own MI Panels using AI data

I have started trying to make a wooden laser cut panel of MIs Braids as a learning experiment. I am using the AI file provided on GitHub by MI. This is my first experience working with AI files. I 've had some moderate success and I think I understand what I have to do to get the data into a useable format for my K40 laser with Gerbil upgrade using Laserweb. I’ll attach a couple pictures of my progress. If anyone wants to discuss further I’ll try to explain my methods but again, this is my first foray into Illustrator and I’m going mostly on instinct here so I may be doing things somewhat the hard way.

I’d just like to ask if anyone else has used the AI files from MIs Github to make their own panels? I have made panels before using other methods, so there’s no need to chime in about that. I’m specifically asking about using the AI data provided by MI.

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I’m only allowed one picture per post as a newbie, so here’s a picture of the output on a piece of birch plywood.


Just an update.

I competed the panel successfully (in my mind anyway).

I think I still have a little bit to workout in the whole process but overall I think this is doable. Have to see what a coat of clear shellac will do.

There’s a couple things I haven’t figured out yet like the filling of the colored blocks around the text (not that it is truly needed) and the clipping of the paisley stuff (again not that it is truly needed). I did laser cut the holes without too much scorching and I wonder if I should CNC the panel first for the holes and size and then etch the graphics.