Making my own shruthi with keys and wood :)

Making my own shruthi with keys and wood :slight_smile:

Work in Progress :slight_smile:


Very cool!

Cool! What keyboard did donate those keys?

Looks really good. What are you using to interface the keys with the Shruthi?

Really it is very simple, It does not have any science, I am connecting 2 machines, a controller midi umx25 mas the shruthi, Everything in an alone box :wink:

I also really want to build a shruthi keys one time. I’m still looking for a mini-keys keyboard with a din midi out.

This looks great. I would just like to take my older Shruthi XT and pop it into a keyboard. That would be cool. Possibly add midi to cv/gate in the process.

the umx series or m-audio evolution mk-149 work reall good, usb control and midi in out is perfect for these

It wanted to put CV/Gate but I do not find any modification for insert it in the project, if you know some page where to find it serious perfectly:)

in progress…

Is that what we’d call a Shruthi-1 XTK?

Whatever happened to the official keyboard MI synth? I remember reading some rumbling about it some months ago…

Huh? I don’t plan to go into the (non-modular) synth market soon, and if I do, it certainly won’t be with a keyboard.

I might be mistaking some thread with Frank talking about it, with plans for a Fatar keybed and a metal case in purple (!)

Whatever happened to that?

I guess this was some kind of wet dream :wink:

I may need to check my meds?

Oh there’s nothing wrong with wild fantasies of Shruthis with a keybed and slightly clothed girls…

That was discussed, but in no way an official announcement. I don’t think that a standard Shruthi in a keyboard would be the best decision anyway.

Braids oscillators with Tides modulators that run though an Elements resonator modelling filter then to a nice analogue output stage would be worth the investment. I also think that adding some sort of Frames-like animation modulator would be ace too. It could probably run on three/four cheaper DSP chips too. Put CV in and outs on it, and you have a Pro 2 competitor.

Now to re-rail the thread.

@Moevius: What type of wood and varnish did you use for the case?

The construction is economic enough, use only products that were in house, in this case the wood is triplay and to dye of wood (Mahogany color) more brilliant common glaze

( My english is very poor, excuses for this )

almost finished