Making a Sawtooth wave with Additive Synthesis

Hey Everyone,

Pretty straightforward question. I want to make a sawtooth waveform from additive synthesis.

I know that the volume of each harmonic after the fundamental is reduced by half. However, what is the formula for the pitch of the harmonic series relative to the fundamental?

I searched on google a bunch but I just get articles with intense trigonometry equations. That’s a little out of my league to decipher at the moment… Any help would be much appreciated.


Nevermind, found a link:

Although, do all waveforms have to have integer mutlples of the fundamental? What happens when they aren’t? Does it just sound super dissonant?

It starts sounding inharmonic, which can be nice or not depending on what you’re doing.

> What happens when they aren’t?

It depends on the frequency ratios. It can sound from harmonic but slightly beating like a piano if ratios are close to integers (2.0001), or it can sound like chords if the ratios are close to rational numbers (2.5), or it can sound inharmonic like a bell… It is a whole world to explore!