Making a new Shruthi XT Acrylic case file

Hey this may be a noobish question, Im pretty new with the vector design stuff.

I am working on making an acrylic case since the metal ones are taking a while and my shruthi xt is still naked!

Anyways I have all of the case files from github. On the original there was a separate metal faceplate to give the case more sturdiness/ sexiness and then the rest of the case is acrylic. This meant that there was an acrylic faceplate underneath the metal faceplate with no graphics on it. No problem, I can add the graphics, but the drill holes are all sorts of weird sizes! I compared to some other faceplate vector files that I have and some of the holes for knobs are over x2 the diameter of a normal knob hole (~ 8.25 mm). Another thing is that when I try to edit any of the aspects of the case, it seems like the entire section is a single path. This means that I can’t just change one drill hole and copy it onto all of the other holes of the same type because I can’t select drill holes individually, selecting one hole selects the entire panel (no they are not “grouped”, it is a single path). Does anyone have an answer for this, or even another acrylic case file that I can use as a reference? Im not planning on getting a metal panel done but I may at some point build some more Shruthi XTs to sell, so don’t share your file with me if you are not comfortable with me borrowing some stuff from it

Thank you!

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Also I am using inkscape. Here is a pic of the issue

FYI someone on the Synth DIY facebook page answered my question: